Santa Tate & Mrs Claus
The Family Team
Professionals: Real Bearded Santa Tate & Delightful Mrs Claus

DC, Virginia, Northern Va, Eastern Va, Richmond, Petersburg, Williamsburg, Newport News, Gloucester, Poquoson, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Va Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, surrounding areas, and Way Beyond!

 Santa Tate and Mrs.Claus
The Velvet Shoestring, Williamsburg, Va.
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Allie was Santa Tate & Mrs Claus’ 1st Visitor for 2015 
Santa Tate
gives Allie a packet of Magic Flying Reindeer Food, after she spent a moment with Mrs Claus to ease her anxiety and shyness. Mrs Claus is an experienced mother, grandmonther, and all around children comforter!  

Wishing you a Merry Christmas
Santa Tate & Mrs Claus

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Christmas Holiday Season.

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Professionals Santa Tate, a real bearded Santa, who, along with Mrs. Claus, have been bringing seaonal joy for years to Kids and Adults alike. 

Remember, Christmas is for the young at heart and believers in the Christmas Spirit, regardless their age or health.

Santa Tate & Mrs Claus welcomes everyone!

Santa Tate & Mrs Claus, The Family Team,  are available for:

  • Home, Events, Shin-digs
  • Business, Office, & Corporate Parties  
  • Parades, Picnics, Hay Rides, Tree Lightings
  • Military, Security, Medical, Special Needs, Dream Events
  • Commercials, Filming, Talk Shows, Detications, Travel, Special
  • Anywhere a Professional Fun Santa & Adorable Mrs Claus are needed

Family Team Santa Tate & Mrs Claus

Santa Tate & Mrs. Claus:
are in their Christmas prime
overflowing of the Christmas Spirit.
Children and Adult Christmas Family Fantasies
You will Believe!